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"No Pasaran" (They Shall not Pass)
Mark Vallen 1984
Offset poster 17" x 21" inches - $10.00

Here's what Vallen said about his artwork:

"I created this silkscreen street poster when the people of Nicaragua came under military attack from right-wing mercenaries trained, armed, and funded by the Reagan administration.

The slogan They shall not Pass became a popular expression throughout Nicaragua and illustrated the people's determination to resist foreign domination.

My silkscreen poster proved so popular that I self published it as an offset poster. Thousands of these posters were distributed at antiwar demonstrations in Los Angeles, and a network was set up to assure their distribution across the western hemisphere and beyond.

Today the slogan of No Pasaran is still used as an expression of solidarity against those who would divide and crush the people underfoot."

Artwork by Mark Vallen © All rights reserved