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Featured Prints
Tlaloque monoprint by Mark Vallen

Monoprint. 2015. 8.5 x 11 inches
Signed by the artist - $400
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To mark the devasting drought of California (my home state), and to observe Día de los Muertos 2015, I have created a suite of six monoprints. The prints recall the Tlaloque, underlings of Tlaloc, the ancient Aztec god of rain and celestial waters. You may consider my print a supplication for divine rain and an end to crippling drought; Tlaloque is a chromatic painted prayer put to paper in the Aztec tradition.

Ayotzinapa: Faltan 43
(In Ayotzinapa, 43 are missing)
Monoprint. 2014. 6 x 8 inches
Signed by the artist - $100
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To mark the 2014 observance of Día de los Muertos, Vallen created a suite of twenty monoprints based upon an ancient Aztec glyph representing death. Essentially a printed painting, no two images are alike. The images were painted directly on a sheet of glass in oil paint, and burnished with a wooden spoon; each color was "pulled" separately.

Silkscreen print by Mark Vallen

The Gaze (view large image)
Black & White silkscreen print. 1980
17.5" x 23" inches
Signed and numbered by the artist - $100

The artist's serigraphic portrait of a young woman.

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6" x 11" inches - $6.50 for a pack of 5 cards

Printed on heavy card stock, the postcards are blank on the backside and are available in packets of 5 postcards for $6.50, plus $3.50 for shipping in the U.S.

Teachers, parents, and students are encouraged to buy the packs of cards and share them with friends and associates.

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Signed silkscreen print -
15" x 16" $100
- Vallen's 1980 street poster eventually appeared as a cover of the L.A. Weekly newspaper at a time when people thought war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was imminent. This print is now included in Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1972-1981 at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles.
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1984 (view large image)
Signed silkscreen print -
29" x 21" $100
- Around 200 of these black and white silkscreen prints were published and distributed around Los Angeles on the eve of 1984. The artwork was of course inspired by George Orwell's novel concerning a dystopian society ruled through propaganda, fear, and raw police power.
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NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL (view large image)
Offset Poster. 19 1/2" x 22" inches - $5.00

Originally created in 1988, Vallen's No Human Being is Illegal poster helped popularize the slogan - "No Human Being is Illegal."

Published as a bilingual street poster in conjunction with a 1988 drive conducted by the Los Angeles based Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), to secure the rights of undocumented Central American war refugees in the U.S. The slogan on the poster became a catchphrase that has since entered the lexicon of today's defenders of immigrant's rights. To oppose the rising tide of discrimination aimed at the undocumented in the U.S., from Arizona's racist SB1070 anti-immigrant law, to efforts by members of the U.S. Congress to overturn the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (which guarantees citizenship to children born on U.S. soil), Vallen republished his poster in August of 2010.

PAT BAG (view large image)
Linoleum block print. 24.5" x 15.5" inches - $400

In early 1979 Vallen carved this linoleum block portrait of Pat Bag, the bass player for The Bags, one of the first and most notorious late 70s punk rock groups in Los Angeles. In late 2010 Vallen worked with master printer John Greco of Josephine Press in Santa Monica, California, to finally publish the suite of prints that should have been issued in '79. In all likelihood "Pat Bag" is the only linoleum cut portrait of a central figure in punk to have been created anywhere in the world as punk was actually unfolding.

Giclée Prints
All Giclée prints are hand signed by the artist. Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay"), is a French word that refers to the spraying of ink. The prints offered here were created with archival inks on high quality fine art paper (Arches, Cold Press). Vallen's limited edition prints were published by the master printers at Opus Editions.
African American - Giclée print by Mark Vallen
AFRICAN AMERICAN (view large image)
Giclée Print. 11" x 14" $100.00
-This Giclée print is an exact reproduction of Vallen's oil painting on wood panel.
My Nature is Hunger - Giclée print by Mark Vallen
MY NATURE IS HUNGER (view large image)
Giclée Print.
20" x 26" Print $300.00 - Vallen created the oil painting, My Nature is Hunger, as the cover art for author Luis J. Rodriguez's book of poetry.
Signed and Numbered Lithographs
Artworks are printed on acid free, off-white deckle edged paper. Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.
AMERICA NOVIA MIA (view large image)
Lithograph. 21" x 29" $300.00
- Vallen's lithograph is a tribute to the dispossessed and impoverished people of the Americas. Only a few of these hand-signed and numbered prints are available
EL SALVADOR PRESENTE (view large image)
Lithograph. 14" x 18" $250.00
- Vallen's 1994 lithograph is dedicated to the Salvadoran people and their struggles for peace and justice.
Giclée Punk Portraits
All prints are hand signed by the artist. Each historic artwork is suitable for framing and represents punk as it first appeared in L.A. during the late 1970s.
Suzy - Giclée print by Mark Vallen
SUZY (view large image)
Giclée Print -
16" x 26" $300
- In 1980 Vallen created this portrait of Hollywood denizen, Suzy Gardner, during the heyday of the hardcore Los Angeles punk scene.
COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU (view large image)
Giclée Print -
10" x 14" $200
- In 1980 Vallen created this cover artwork for SLASH Magazine, the premiere punk rock publication on the West coast. It proved to be the magazine's very last edition.
THE BAGS (view large image)
Giclée Print -
22" x 30" $300
- Vallen's portrait of Alice & Pat of the notorious BAGS, one of L.A.'s original 1977 punk bands.
SCREAMER: TOMMY GEAR (view large image)
Giclée Print -
15" x 18" $200
- Vallen's portrait of Tommy Gear from L.A.'s techno-punk band, The Screamers. Iggy Pop once proclaimed them "the future of music."
SUE TISSUE (view large image)
Giclée Print -
10" x 14" $200
- Vallen's portrait of Sue Tissue from the punk-pop outfit, The Surburban Lawns. Vallen's artwork appeared as a cover for a 1979 edition of SLASH Magazine.
Silkscreen Prints
All silkscreen prints are hand signed by the artist.
Nuclear War?! There Goes My Career - Silkscreen by Mark Vallen
NUCLEAR WAR?!... THERE GOES MY CAREER! (view large image)
Silkscreen print -
15" x 16" $100
- Vallen's 1980 print appeared as a cover of the L.A. Weekly. The print was also included in The Path of Resistance, an exhibition of contemporary protest art held at New York City's Museum of Modern Art in 2000.
Sabra silkscreen print by Mark Vallen
SABRA (view large image)
Silkscreen print -
23 x 29 inches. $100
- Vallen's print was dedicated to the victims of the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres. The print was pulled by master printer Richard Duardo (RIP) at his Modern Multiples studio in Los Angeles, California.
BURNING FUSES (view large image)
Silkscreen print -
5" x 7" $100
- Vallen's 1987 print was inspired by a verse of poetry by Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.
Digital & Offset Prints and Posters
Stop The War In Central America (view large image)
Offset poster -
22.5" x 27.5" inches - $10.00.
This street poster was created in 1986 and widely distributed at antiwar demonstrations in the 1980s.
Free South Africa - Mark Vallen
FREE SOUTH AFRICA (view large image)
Offset poster -
22" x 30" inches - $10.00.
This street poster was created in 1985 and widely distributed at anti-Apartheid protests that same year.
NO PASARAN (view large image)
Offset poster -
17" x 21" $5.00
- Vallen's 1984 print, No Pasaran (They Shall Not Pass,) was created in opposition to the U.S. war against Nicaragua.
(view large image)

Offset poster.
11" x 15" $5.00